Tokyo newspaper: ripples in Sudan coup Middle East Africa: ...

Principal communication the first times the Middle East, the people ... Without large-scale demonstration convergence seeking democratization, in the capital Khartoum of Africa northeastern Sudan to deepen the degree of confusion, Islamists who escaped from the refugees and neighboring Egypt, which has been evacuated from Syria civil war is gazing at the transition of the situation there. In order to be in their treatment is not could out effect, Sudan whereabouts is [nodal point] of through the Islamic Middle East and Africa, it is also involved in the stability of the entire two regions. (In Khartoum, Okuda Teppei, photographs) Islamists [Treatment to the refugees instead, it is rife rumors that or not of being deported. Yunisudaheru's Syria refugees working in the travel company of Khartoum () is, it says in a languishing facial expressions. Assad hate the regime military conscription, arrived from Syria southwest three years ago. Sudan's Bashir before the President was continued authoritarian rule over three decades, since the Islamist forces laid the political system of the center, was the tolerance to acceptance of Muslims.

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