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Principal communication the first times the Middle East, the people ... Years, Iran Pafurevi - defeated the dynasty, was established the Islamic Republic revolution. Since the king Mohan Mado leather puff Levy over a year, but advanced the white revolution of modernization, birth to corruption and the king of authoritarian politics of privilege layer from the oil revenues, the United States and Israel versus the Arab policy on, and strongly supported this . Revolution, began to riot of the comb of the date (Senior High School city of Islam Shia). After that look like anti-government movement occurs frequently in various places, the date and injured 00 more than in the collision with the police in anti-government demonstrations against the secular modernization policy of the king, illegal Tude party (the Communist Party) also participated. King Mohan Mado leather puff Levy over is dismissed month Iran national security information mechanism (SAVAK) Secretary Neu Mato Tsu Lana Sistan Lee, was promised free elections of the year and month to month. Movie theater burned in Abadan of the month and day, is the terror of SAVAK, which was against the anti-government molecule.

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