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Principal communication the first times the Middle East, the people ... The World Economic Forum, in its annual report "Global Competitiveness Report (Global Competitiveness Report)", published a corruption index. Using the methods associated with the Corruption Perceptions Index of NGO [Transparency International] to monitor the corruption and corruption around the world, the World Economic Forum for 0 of the country, evaluate the corruption level in the 00-point scale, were ranked. Corruption of the higher the score is low, the higher the corruption level is low score is high. In Business Insider, score summarizes the 0 following countries to the list. High corruption level country, weak judicial system and the governance system is, Africa, poverty is rampant, Central America, many in the Middle East. But, are the country also ranked entering the world top 0 in its economic strength into. The following, let's look at the most corrupt countries in the world. Place (tie) Iran - 0.0 Place (tie) Iran - 0.0 Place (tie) Gambia - 0.0 Place (tie) Russia - .

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