Death of demonstration personnel (Baharen): Middle of the window ...

Principal communication the first times the Middle East, the people ... Even then in Baharen, but we continued to protest activities with a focus on Shiites, day Dzu K al jazeera net and al qods al arabi net of, day and night police and protesters collide, youth name of Shia There has been reported to have died. According to the article, demonstration where thousands of young people was a protest march in sadad village in the southwest of the capital Manama, collide with the police, I shall say that youth-year-old died in the shooting, the government and human rights why the have different refers worth of organizations, government against the protesters is because that attacked the police officers in the Molotov cocktails, etc., human rights organizations youth are to have been targeted from close range. Demonstration of the reason is that the Prime Minister of the resignation request. Gist of the article is over, but if the dead leaves in the collision of ordinary protesters and the police force, but is what more than a few times of injuries that comes out, does not beam coverage of injured and arrested this time. It is strange.

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