Can not be convergence Prime Minister of resignation large-scale ...

Principal communication the first times the Middle East, the people ... And opposition to taxation proposed by the government in a large-scale anti-government demonstrations followed by the Middle East of Lebanon, has expressed the idea of ​​Prime Minister to resign to take responsibility for confusion. Hariri prime minister of Lebanon is the day, said the [national security and dignity is more important] in a televised address, announced its idea to the Cabinet resignation. Government suffering from financial difficulties this month in Lebanon, announced the tax increase policies, including the taxation of smartphone of free communication app. Citizens stricken in hardships is opposition to this, a large-scale protest demonstration was followed to obtain the government of deposed in various places from the day. Hariri prime minister then, but it showed a salary reduction plan of Ministers to withdraw the tax proposal confusion had followed. However, It is uncertain whether the future, the situation is converged by the resignation of the government.

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